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Building Technology Intensive Businesses


Insight, Synthesis and Execution Services for Building Technology Intensive Businesses

We work closely with technology-intensive companies of all sizes to conceive, design and build new innovative products, services and businesses.

We have a deep understanding of markets, eco-systems, and value chains across Europe, North America and Asia, in Aerospace, Automotive and Oil & Gas; Energy and Lighting; Healthcare, Pharma & Biotech; Media, Computing & Telecoms; Financial and Information Services and Government, Agencies and Academic Institutions

We draw on our deep techno-commercial expertise to synthesize innovative new products, services and solutions for our customers.

Our approach is based on deploying small, highly experienced and agile teams to deliver rapid results.

We operate a flexible business model for our services, based on a mixture of conventional fees, success-related payments and equity stakes in the form of shares, options and warrants.

28 Feb 2015