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Commercialising Science and Technology-enabled Innovation



We believe that we can apply a systematic approach to building technology-intensive businesses not withstanding that innovation is inherently a ‘messy’ process best described by the diffusion equation.  We have developed a wide range of tools and techniques over the last twenty years to support our efforts in building businesses in a more systematic  manner. Our experience across a wide range of market sectors and eco-systems has enabled us to refine these models and also to understand how these learnings can be applied most effectively. Our philosophy is based on the belief that systematic and shared learning can be used to de-mystify and reduce the risks associated with turning ideas into sustainable commercial enterprises. 


Our roots are firmly embedded in the trans-Atlantic techno-commercial eco-system where most of our team have spent the last thirty years. We have worked across most of Europe, but we have a special affinity for the Cambridge, UK eco-system, where we have developed our systematic approach, especially over the last decade. We have also been actively involved in eco-system development in the North East of the UK, the UK South Coast, and Scotland. Over the last twenty years we have also been actively engaged in commercialisation on the US East Coast (New York,  Boston and RTP areas) and in Silicon Valley. More recently, we have been actively engaged in India and East Africa. 

Key Relationships

We have close working relationships with many players in the UK, including the Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning and the Judge Business School at Cambridge University, Cambridge Wireless, OneNucleus, Innovate UK (formerly TSB), and the UK Science & Innovation Network. We also work closely with governmental and para-governmental organisations in Asia and Africa. We also have strong relationships with public and private sector investors in Europe, North America and Asia. 


We have four formal partnerships:

We work closely  with Central Working to deliver the Scale-up Academy

We also work closely with Business Cloud Integration, using their Casper 365 platform to deliver the Triple Chasm Platform.

We work with AcceleratorIndia on cross-border business building and commercialisation between Europe and India.

We also work with Consilium Capital, a London-based advisory firm on some types of deals.

06 Feb 2019