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Building Technology Businesses

About us

The key to building successful new businesses is to understand and deploy the key innovations which deliver competitive advantage. While analytical skills are important for problem solving, the crucial missing skill is often the ability to synthesize new solutions. Technology businesses often find it difficult to match the technology promise versus market need. Innovation is not restricted to technologies: some of the most successful companies have been built on innovations in business models and distribution channels.

Our approach is based on 3 key components:

Partnership with clients

We work very closely with our clients to understand and shape solutions, including seconding our people onto client teams.

High-expertise Teams

Unlike the hierarchical consultancy model of teams composed of senior and junior staff with varying levels of skill and experience, we deploy small teams of highly experienced and motivated individuals with deep knowledge and key market relationships.

Flexible Business Model

We have a flexible and pragmatic approach to the way we charge for our services. We typically agree an appropriate mix of fees, success-based payments and equity stakes in the new businesses we help to build. This relative mix is usually a function of the size of the client, the size of the opportunity, and the level of available financial investment.

09 Apr 2012