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Commercialising Science and Technology-enabled Innovation

Aerospace, Automotive and Oil & Gas

We have worked with a wide range of advanced engineering companies in the aerospace, automotive and oil & gas sectors over the last twenty years. We focus mainly on new value creation, including the development of new strategies, new products and services and new business models.

The aerospace industry is typically characterised by long time frames but is changing in a number of important ways. In the civil aerospace sector, the hegemony of the incumbent aircraft builders is being challenged by a number of smaller emerging players in Asia and South America, with significant changes in the complex supply chains which drive innovation and cost optimisation. Airframe and engine manufacturers are developing and applying new technologies, for example new materials, to drive down costs but are also working on new service-based business models. In the military sector, many of the changes are being driven by the desire of emerging powers, particularly in Asia, to indigenise technology and product development.

In the automotive sector, there is a strong focus on four key areas: digital technologies for improving the driving experience such as location-based services and driver assist; more eco-friendly vehicles, based in particular on new electric and hybrid engine technologies; cost-engineering of innovative new vehicles, including two-wheelers, passenger and commercial vehicles; and building more effective supply chains in manufacturing eco-systems, including cross-border design, manufacture and assembly, in particular to address rapidly growing markets in Asia and Africa.

The Oil & Gas sector faces continuing pressures driven by fluctuating prices for fossil fuels and environmental pressures. The key areas of interest are: using technology to improve discovery and extraction, for example in sub-sea environments; innovations in sensing and processing to improve margins and yield; and the development of eco-friendly solutions for consumers and businesses.

24 Feb 2015