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Commercialising Science and Technology-enabled Innovation

RiffStream#Delhi successfully organised on January 31st 2013

RiffStream#Delhi: “Creating Smart Power Solutions: Catalysing UK-India collaborations to address India’s energy challenge”

RiffStream#Delhi was successfully organised by the UK Energy Generation & Supply (EGS) KTN, the Electronics, Sensors & Photonics (ESP) KTN, the UK Technology Strategy Board (TSB), the UK Science & Innovation Network (SIN) and AcceleratorIndia.

Curated by Dr Uday Phadke (Chief Executive, Cartezia and Executive Chairman, AcceleratorIndia) the event in New Delhi used the Riffstream# methodology to explore new ways of facilitating collaboration across sectors and technologies in the power sector, with the aim of generating new projects and partnerships as the basis for delivering innovation to address India's energy challenge and the opportunities that it presents.

The event started with a welcome and introduction by the Head of SIN and First Secretary, Mark Sinclair. He was followed by Ritika Goel, Senior Energy & Climate Policy Advisor who presented an overview of DFID activities on Climate Change and Energy. Paul Huggett, Knowledge Transfer Executive, ESP KTN provided an overview of the Smart Power ecosystem in the UK. Simon Daniel, CEO, Moixa Energy, shared an industry perspective and UK experience of grid-neutral solutions. From the Indian side, Rajesh Bansal, VP, BSES Rajdhani Power Ltd shared his view on smart metering business opportunities in India.

RiffStream#Delhi saw the participation of 8 UK SMEs and up to 10 Indian SMEs, large corporates, utilities regulators and influencers from the Smart Power sector. These companies have interests in a wide range of technologies including generation/micro-generation, metering and communication, information management, storage, and energy efficiency. In the afternoon session short presentations from a number of participating companies were used to explore differences in the smart power ecosystems between the two countries. The topics for discussion were Smart Power solutions for Grid-centric and Grid-neutral applications.

RiffStream#Delhi addressed the shared strategic vision of both the UK and Indian Governments to create connections between smart power businesses across the two countries. Over the course of lunch and dinner, delegates networked with businesses to initiate commercial collaboration opportunities as potential suppliers and partners.

The debates and discussions amongst the delegates unearthed several interesting insights and opportunities; such as the unique political and economic conditions in India that require local solutions; the shape of the price performance equation attractive to Indian utilities and customers; and the importance of having local partnerships in India to achieve flawless execution.

The event closed extremely positively with many delegates showing strong interest in not only UK-India business opportunities, but also in sharing market insights, making introductions to local networks, and engaging in exploratory discussions for joint pilots and collaborative projects.

To browse the detailed agenda please visit the programme page.

A blog of the event at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website can be accessed here.

30 Apr 2014