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Commercialising Science and Technology-enabled Innovation

RiffStream#Bangalore successfully organised on February 5th 2013

RiffStream#Bangalore: “MedTech and Medical Devices: Catalysing UK-India collaborations to address India’s growing low-cost medical devices markets”

RiffStream#Bangalore was successfully organised by the HealthTech & Medicines Knowledge Transfer Network (Health KTN) in partnership with the Information & Communications Technology Knowledge Transfer Network (ICTKTN), TSB, the UK Science & Innovation Network (UK-SIN) and AcceleratorIndia.

Curated by Dr Uday Phadke, Chief Executive of Cartezia and Executive Chairman of AcceleratorIndia, this event in Bangalore used the RiffStream# methodology to explore new ways of facilitating collaboration across sectors, technologies and investors, to generate new projects and partnerships in the Medical Devices and MedTech sectors.

The delegates were welcomed by SIN’s Senior Adviser, Sunil Kumar, followed by an overview of HealthTech and Medicines Knowledge Transfer Network (Health KTN) in the UK by Sue Dunkerton, Co-Director, Health KTN, Technology Strategy Board UK. Jayant Karve, Inventor and Program Manager, AIIMS-BCIL Collaborative Project, spoke on developing affordable medical solutions for unmet clinical needs in developing markets. Dr B.V. Ravikumar, Xcyton Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd. discussed delivering innovative and affordable Healthcare products and services for secondary and tertiary health. Dr Ramaswami Ramanan, Director, Innovative Solutions in Informatics (ISIS) Ltd. explored the impact of Med Tech in a 'patient centric' universe, and Soumitra Sharma, IDG Ventures India Advisors Pvt. Ltd provided a VC fundraising perspective on Medical Devices.

The event saw the participation of 8 UK SMEs and 15 Indian companies, ranging from SMEs and Corporates to Service providers and Investors in the MedTech and Medical Device industries. These companies are involved in a wide range of technologies including wound healing, orthopaedics, surgery, drug delivery, diagnostics, and smart medical devices. This diverse array of companies was further enhanced by the presence of a number of clinicians and healthcare practitioners. In the afternoon session short presentations were delivered by the participating companies on their products, services and business models.

RiffStream#Bangalore addressed the shared strategic vision of both the UK and Indian Governments connecting medical devices and technology businesses across the two countries. Lunch and dinner saw active networking between the delegates to initiate commercial collaboration opportunities as potential suppliers and partners.

The debates and discussions amongst the delegates unearthed several interesting insights and opportunities in the Indian Healthcare market, such as the market potential in primary and secondary care in India now being addressed by accessing Tier II and III cities and regions; the effectiveness of any new technology based solution depends on corresponding changes in clinical practice and in the Indian context language can be a barrier; and Continuing Medical Education is one of the most promising areas in the Indian healthcare sector and could be used to effectively address the challenges in adopting newer clinical practices and approaches.

RiffStream#Bangalore closed on a highly optimistic note, with many delegates showing keen interest in not only UK-India business discussions, but also in sharing market insights, making introductions to local networks, and exploring joint innovation in Medical Technology and Medical Devices.

To browse the detailed agenda please visit the programme page.

30 Apr 2014