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Commercialising Science and Technology-enabled Innovation

Practical Leadership: Creating a Culture of Innovation Symposium

More than thirty senior business leaders, clients and contacts of the Møller Centre, contributed to a Practical Leadership Symposium on September 1st 2016 at the Centre focused on the essential behaviours and capabilities that leaders require to develop a culture of innovation.  

The symposium, designed and delivered by Møller’s Executive Education showcased Dr Uday Phadke’s latest research on how to systematically address the challenges of turning ideas into commercially valuable propositions. Dr Phadke, in his role as Møller Faculty, summarised the findings from his forthcoming book, Camels, Tigers & Unicorns - co-authored with Dr Shai Vyakarnam, Director of the Bettany Centre of Entrepreneurship at Cranfield University. He described how the application of a meso-economic approach helped to better understand the complex dynamic behaviour of real firms and to define more precisely the key drivers affecting commercialisation.

More details available at the Møller centre website here.

26 Oct 2016