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Commercialising Science and Technology-enabled Innovation

Energy & Lighting

We have been very active in this space over the last ten years, working in power generation, storage and distribution, including  new technologies, processes, and business models. We are also working on new lighting technologies and solutions and their emerging eco-systems.

In the power generation space, we have a heavy focus on renewable energy, particularly using wind, hydro, solar, and fuel cell technologies.

Energy storage is a major area of interest for most power generation and distribution companies: unlike other parts of the energy eco-system, this is an area where there is a serious gap in current technology provision, with opportunities for small new players to partner with established companies short of innovation.

Energy distribution systems pose interesting process and business model challenges, which require a detailed understanding of infrastructures and service delivery and management systems. Key areas of interest include smart grids and off-grid platforms, for example local dc-based systems and grids.

In lighting, the crucial battleground now is in the delivery of more cost-effective and eco-friendly forms of lighting both in mature markets and in parts of the currently ‘unlit’ world. This requires new technologies (for example LEDs replacing older technologies), new manufacturing processes, smart lighting services and new business models.

24 Feb 2015