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Commercialising Science and Technology-enabled Innovation

Healthcare, Pharma & Biotech

Developments in technology are transforming the healthcare landscape globally, in all areas ranging from diagnosis to therapeutic intervention, with radical changes in how healthcare is managed and delivered. We have been actively engaged in all aspects of this healthcare revolution, including new sensing and wearable technologies, low-cost medical devices, clinical and regulatory issues, m-health, advanced therapeutic techniques, patient data management, health economics, continuous education for doctors and nurses, and medical publishing.

The revolution in bio-sciences is creating new diagnostic and therapeutic tools and techniques, which in turn creates a need for new processes, infrastructures and business models to make innovation affordable. We are actively involved in this challenge, including for example, new approaches to delivering regenerative medicine at the bed-side. Our activities also extend into Industrial Biotechnology, where the recent shift to a bio-economy is creating new opportunities to develop and take to market, innovative bio-based products and services.

24 Feb 2015