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Commercialising Science and Technology-enabled Innovation

Media, Computing & Telecoms

The media, computing and telecommunications industries have undergone phenomenal changes over the last twenty years, as a completely new eco-system has developed based on the generation, distribution and delivery of digital content. Traditional boundaries between newspaper and magazine publishers, radio and television companies, satellite and cable service providers, online sites and service providers, and fixed and mobile voice and data networks, have blurred to create new products, services, business models and completely new businesses. We have been in the vanguard of these challenges, helping to build completely new businesses and helping some of the incumbents to navigate the dramatic changes they face. Our experience includes b2c, b2b and b2k services.

The big challenges facing these companies now are: innovating new products and services with short ‘shelf’ lives in environments where customer needs are morphing rapidly; the shift to mobile that is throwing up immense challenges in developing new products and services and the delivery infrastructure; dealing with the plethora of digital and hybrid delivery infrastructures, where technology advantages can be dissipated overnight; and the biggest challenge of all-developing new sustainable business models which can be adapted to rapidly changing business conditions.

24 Feb 2015