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Commercialising Science and Technology-enabled Innovation

Products & Services

Our products and services are based on integrating our expertise and experience in markets and technologies coupled with our unique tools, frameworks and platforms.

We group our products and services into five areas:

Market & Technology Insights: Over the last two decades, we have built detailed insights into markets, customers, technologies and products. Much of this knowledge has been codified, analysed and discussed in the Catalyzt platform, which provides a powerful tagged repository of knowledge. We provide contextual insights to our customers based on this platform, other open sources and the deep expertise of our team.

Eco-system Development: The success of many of our customers depends on understanding the eco-systems they operate in and engaging with the different players in their space. We have been actively involved in the creation of new eco-systems and have developed Riffstream# based on a musical analogy, to curate these dialogues.

The Scale-up Academy: The Scale-up Academy is a hands-on programme aimed at the leadership teams of high-growth companies. The Academy provides a structured framework for strategic dialogue within the leadership team based on a unique set of tools. It consists of three components: Subscription-based access to the Triple Chasm Platform, experienced mentors and coaches, and overall management of a strategic decision-making process including access to the right eco-system.

Strategic Advice & Consulting Services: We provide bespoke consulting and advisory services mainly to larger companies, particularly in the creation of new products, services and businesses. This includes guidance on build vs buy vs partner strategies.

Mentoring & Guidance: We provide hands-on guidance and advice, especially to smaller high-growth companies, including taking on advisory roles on board and strategic committees. We may sometimes take on critical roles in these companies for short periods if the situation demands it.

17 Jan 2019