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Commercialising Science and Technology-enabled Innovation

The Scale-up Academy

The Scale-up Academy

The Scale-up Academy is a programme aimed at the senior leadership of companies committed to growing their businesses aggressively

The key components of the programme are:

  • The Triple Chasm Model Platform: Unique online collaboration platform which brings to life all the tools and insights set out in the Scale-up Manual
  • World class Coaches and Mentors with deep domain expertise in markets, technologies and products coupled with knowledge of the tools and mentoring skills 
  • Provision of on-going environment after the initial workshop sessions, enabling continued dialogue to develop, test and implement robust growth strategies

The Triple Chasm Model Platform provides a data-driven decision support environment based on the new tools and frameworks described in the Scale-up Manual. Overall navigation around this comprehensive tool-set is provided via the Commercialisation Monitor

The Scale-up Academy consists of three 'deep' day-long interaction sessions with coaches and mentors, spread over 6 weeks, structured as follows:

  • Session 1: Diagnosis of the current status of each company, including current maturity and vector profile
  • Session 2: Target-setting which includes the target maturity and desired vector profile
  • Session 3: Gap Analysis, leading to revised execution plans, which includes the potential for iterating on the strategic target based on the allocation of resources

The objective of these workshop style sessions is to bring to life the 12 vectors and associated tools embodied in the Triple Chasm Platform, to enable participants to use the platform during and between these sessions, and critically after the programme ends, to support strategic development for the company going forward.

Typically, each programme will consist of 12 companies with 3 senior managers from each company participating; these participants will be joined by coaches and mentors tasked with working with specific companies throughout the programme.

Each company graduating from the programme will have access to their own private data via the platform, so that they can use the insights internally on an ongoing basis. The platform also enables companies to generate reports based on their input and analysis, which means that strategic and tactical decisions acquire a new dynamic character: the idea is to provide a real-time collaboration and decision support tool. 

Cartezia is delivering the Scale-up Academy in partnership with Central Working, as part of its new Central Working Academy

The first programmes will be run at the Bradfield Centre in Cambridge in 2019, starting with the first cohort in March 2019

If you would like to participate in this first Scale-up Academy, please send an e-mail in confidence to and we will contact you to discuss your potential participation. Please remember this programme is aimed at the leadership team in your company, not for individuals working on new ideas. Successful scale-up is a team sport

21 Feb 2019