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Commercialising Science and Technology-enabled Innovation

The Scale-up Manual

The Scale-up Manual: Handbook for Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Teams & Firms

By Uday Phadke & Shai Vyakarnam

This manual builds on Camels, Tigers & Unicorns and provides detailed insights into the factors that affect commercialisation of innovations for economic and social value. Understanding and leveraging these insights can be hugely valuable, not only for innovators, commercial firms and organisations, but also for institutions supporting innovators and policy makers.

It is widely accepted that innovation holds the key to sustainable commercial growth globally, but in practice, there is limited understanding of how to successfully exploit its full commercial and social value.

The Scale-up Manual provides a unified approach to manage the creation and commercialisation of innovative products and services, enabled by four data-driven building blocks: The Triple Chasm Model, modified Commercialisation Readiness Levels, the 12 meso-economic Vectors, and the Commercialisation Canvas. The approach supports different strategies for resource allocation, ranging from 'lean' techniques to sustainability initiatives based on the circular economy. The Manual includes many case studies and insights, which different 'Actors' can use at different points along the commercialisation journey.

This manual is not just for start-up companies. Established companies need to pay particular attention to renewing their product and service portfolios to avoid progressive profit erosion. In doing this, there is a risk that changes in customer needs, market segmentation, new technologies and competitor innovation can be overlooked, leading to the loss of competitive advantage. The ideas contained in this manual can help senior managers to challenge the status quo and develop future strategies which add value and lead to continued growth in the business.

The tools and insights in this manual are based on decades of detailed research covering successful and unsuccessful ventures alike, across contrasting industry sector. This is invaluable in three ways: the comprehensive framework helps entrepreneurs to organise their activities into the 12 Vectors; detailed analysis of each vector facilitates the tailored integration of existing and new methods; and practical research-based tools guide decision-making and priorities, contingent on the unique circumstances faced by each firm.

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17 Jan 2019